mercredi 28 décembre 2011


I was reading the blog meatcute, that probably a lot of you allready know. First because it a very funny blog with a comic call roommate,and also because C Edwards the author of the blog and Artist wrotte a lot of post on me and sure helped me to be known.
I was surprised and flattred he mantionned me in a very funny way in one of the pisode of his comic.

Here is the link to his blog I hardly invite you to visit and follow the adventure.

jeudi 22 décembre 2011

Pulp Fantasies and Time Machine, the holiday gift !

Sergio Kardenas, and always Sergio Kardenas!

Well I just order the new book of Sergio Kardenas, i hardly recommand you to do the same,
So sexy and hot, a very sensual man and talented !!
I also just order the cd from his new single Time Machine.

Here is the link to his Ebay store

samedi 3 décembre 2011


je travaille beaucoup sur le BD voici  quelques rebus de recheches de personnages que nous avons rejettees.
je commence aussi a pemser a mon dessin pour noel et  pour la nouvelle annee.

Even if you think I sucks you can let some commenteries it is always welcome, just not to feel as if I am posting in the wind-

I know I have been very bad with my posts and also all who belived in Angelface, they have to know that I really hope I will be abble to make them beleive in me again. Philippe  si tu me lis toujours...J ecris sur un clavier qwert cest pouquoi c´est truffe de fautes et je ne sqi spas coööent faure les accents.

vendredi 2 décembre 2011

Qu'est ce que c'est que ça?

Un dessin que j'ai fait pour un copain, pour un Tee Shirt!